Thera Cup™ by OnePercent

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Thera Cup by OnePercent™ – your ultimate solution for targeted muscle therapy and rejuvenation.

Crafted to seamlessly integrate into your recovery routine, our therapy cup empowers you to prioritize muscle relaxation and relief, ensuring you feel refreshed and revitalized.

With its innovative design and versatile functionality, the OnePercent Thera Cup delivers targeted therapy to specific muscle groups, alleviating tension and promoting faster recovery.

Whether you're targeting deep knots or soothing sore muscles, this versatile cup adapts to your needs, providing customized relief with every session.

Join the OnePercent community today and elevate your recovery game with disciplined determination. Because at OnePercent, we're committed to helping you thrive, one revitalized session at a time.



- Three functions of negative pressure cupping, scraping and massage

- Two modes Deep negative pressure mode & pulsating massage mode

- Full charge of battery provides 7 days of use

- Portable, rechargeable & compact


- Release painful knots & tension

- Improved circulation & blood flow

- Reduce inflammation & boosts cellular immunity

- Removes toxins & promote better mobility

- Smooth away scar tissue and cellulite